We have carefully selected some of the UK’s leading Voice products to ensure we have the right solutions in place to meet the needs of Small to Medium Sized Businesses.

Our Voice Services:

In the modern business world, we all have the possibility of communicating with our customers in a number of different ways but the one service that remains critical to the needs of every business in the UK, is being able to speak to customers and suppliers by telephone.  Here at FP Cloud Networks we provide services including Business Lines & Calls, Feature-Rich Hosted Telephony solutions and an excellent inbound offering to help those simply in need of a fixed-line number. Every one of our services is supported and backed-up by our Technical Support Team.

Business Lines & Calls

Our Business Lines and Call packages offer services from single lines to ISDN30’s, so we will have something suitable for your requirements. FP Cloud Networks purchase these services at Wholesale level which means we can pass through very competitive pricing to our customers. With 24/7 support teams at your disposal, and additional Care Level (Care Level 2, 3 and 4) packages available, we ensure that your business continuity is at the forefront of what we do.

We don’t agree with providing you a service that is surplus to your requirements. That’s why we’ll meet with you and analyse your existing setup and cost-base to find out what you use and provide you with a package that best suits your actual business needs.

It is well documented that the ISDN Network is due to be switched off by 2025, so considering a more resilient Hosted platform could better serve your business, both now and for the years ahead. Please contact a member of our team who can talk you through the network changes.

We know that faults, whilst rare, may occur. That’s why we ensure that we’re available 24/7, 365 days of the year, so that you can be rest assured that should anything go wrong, we’re here to help fix it, regardless of when it occurs.

Services Available include: Single Analogue Phone Lines, ISDN2e and ISDN30 lines.

Hosted Voice

Every company, regardless of size, can benefit from the features and functionality offered by Hosted IP Telephony. The system is capable of serving anything from one to hundreds of users and with the platforms we provide, they are highly-effective in organisations that have single sites and also those with multiple locations.

So why switch to Hosted Telephony with FP Cloud Networks?

Hosted Telephony from FP Cloud Networks, is a complete communications solution for your business that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy to use web portal. The service is incredibly easy to manage ensuring maximum productivity within the business.

Who is Hosted Telephony aimed at?

Hosted Telephony is a great choice for any sized business and is very effective for organisations that have more than one site, working across the same telephony system. Our Hosted Voice platforms are capable of serving several hundred employees. Here are some examples of why Hosted Telephony is often chosen by our customers:


Ideal for Multi-Sites

Opex Price Model

Business Continuity Solution

Improving Customer Contact

Training & Monitoring


Benefits of selecting Hosted Telephony

Features you can easily control

On-demand service with no hidden costs

Enables flexible working

Empower Staff with one number anywhere

Lower Calls Costs

Wider number choice


There are cost benefits to Hosted Telephony over the more traditional ISDN2/ISDN30 setup with customers seeing reduced call costs, a fixed monthly bill plus there are no upfront equipment purchases as with traditional telecoms hardware. Services are billed on a per user, per month basis to ensure a truly managed cost service.

Gone are the days of having to pay for expensive annual maintenance contracts to support a legacy PBX which is a true advantage to Hosted Telephony. No need to pay an engineer callout fee to add new users and as your business or organisation changes and grows the system can grow with you.

We offer an extensive feature-rich bundle as standard. Compatible with over 20 of the top CRM packages including Salesforce, Dynamics and Bullhorn.

For those businesses requiring a greater level of call statistics and real-time updates, we provide a bolt-on call reporting solution that will provide in-depth call management reporting and wall board integration.

We also provide a range of premium handset options from a range of manufacturers including Cisco, Polycom and Yealink.

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Inbound Solutions

Never miss a customer’s calls again… Instant Call Management for Small Businesses with a range of 01,02,03,0203, 0207 and 0800 numbers to choose from.

Inbound is a cloud-based telephony service for both geographic and non-geographic numbers that provides online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and management tools, empowering your business with the perfect customer service.

With three levels of service, we have the right Inbound solution for your business.

  • Contact Point
  • Contact Path
  • Contact Pro

Inbound is delivered through an intuitive web interface that enables changes to be made directly and quickly, providing the use with real-time monitoring of calls and statistics.

The service can also be managed by via an intuitive Mobile Application.

It can be set up in minutes, is easy to use and offers feature-rich network services that are scalable, cost-effective and requires no capital outlay.

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